Car Hire

Prep Safaris can provide you with a comprehensive vehicle rental service. Whether you just need to rent a car for getting around the city or off-road vehicles for some serious trekking, Prep Safaris is your answer.

Nissan sunny, Land Cruiser, Mazda prestige, Nissan-9 seater, Pajero intercooler to four-wheel drive in case of rainy seasons. To hire these cars, therefore;a) Drivers age

The driver must be over 23 years and not over 70years of age with proper identification besides one’s driving license.c) Tariffs – The tariffs for self-drive vehicles are exclusive of fuel. – Chauffeur-driven vehicles have tariffs exclusive of fuel d) Deposits

A deposit of the approximate hire charge will be made on signing the hire contract and full charge for the estimated distance to be covered.

Hirer will be responsible for all equipment within & part of the vehicle and so, collision Damage Cover is highly recommended. This will help reduce the hirer’s responsibility on any claim subject to the terms of the contract.f) Security

Vehicles shouldn’t be left in public places unattended for overnight, if anything, they may be parked on personal premises without charge and incase of theft of any personal effects from the vehicle, it is not covered by the insurance so take good care of the cars.